Blockchain Investments

Every single member of the Kersai team is entirely committed to this new form of technology.

We see blockchains as a tool to disrupt traditional financial markets, while also creating improved and brand new innovative industries.

Our company exchanges trust across dozens of different industries, allowing customers, clients and partners to transport money and digital assets without counterparty risk.

Although blockchain technology is less than 7 years old, it has already proven itself to be a faster, better, and less expensive way to exchange value within a highly secure environment.

As a venture capital provider and early investor in emerging technology, Kersai is constantly searching for problems that can be solved through cryptography and blockchain based systems.

Become Our Partner ...

We invest, partner and offer guidance to new blockchain startups.

Our team can also help you scale, providing capital, support services and legal and financial regulatory guidance within South East Asia, the United States, Great Britain and Australia.

Our trading and investment analysts provide due diligence on Initial Coin Offers (ICOs), and build strong, diversified digital token portfolios for private clients.

Proprietary in-house software provides us an edge,to intercept and identify cryptocurrency trading and investment opportunities - providing a stunning return on investment for our partners.

Yet with so much opportunity, growth and innovation - this industry is considered by many, to be the "Wild West" of the internet.

It's unpredictable, fast moving and in many cases - self regulated it pays to work with a partner that can help you manage risk and exchange trust.

Kersai seeks and embraces financial, regulatory and technological challenges - and we look forward to sharing this adventure with you.

To learn more, please contact us to discuss your needs.