Kersai Pty Ltd

Although cryptocurrency is a relatively new concept, it still represents a technological breakthrough that we take very seriously.

Our company views cryptocurrency as blockchain’s “killer app” and we’ve built a diverse team to take advantage of this industry disrupting technology.

Kersai employs institutional traders, mathematicians, data scientists, programmers, accountants and financial analysts who work in harmony to solve problems.

In fact, that’s what we look for ... real world problems we can solve using blockchain technology.

Our finance department solves liquidity issues, allowing clients to purchase millions of dollars worth of Bitcoin or alternative currencies “off” the exchanges, through private investment channels.

We work with traditional finance organizations, investors and forward-thinking companies to provide technical solutions to problems via smart contracts and innovative trading systems. Our developers facilitate the secure transfer and management of value through blockchain powered systems and we can help you setup a decentralized payment platform.

Our accounting department provides auditing, due diligence, reconciliation and tax minimization assistance. As a result, we can help you navigate complicated legal and financial regulatory environments in a transparent and trustworthy way.

Trading & Investing

We also create and manage diversified token portfolios, actively trade and exchange cryptocurrency across national borders, time-zones and exchanges. Our traders harness the power of our in-house crowd sentiment system to provide feedback on blockchain related news and events. This helps our analysts guide clients towards better decisions, based on real world crowd-filtered data.

Kersai actively builds on top of robust, traditional finance systems – improving and adding new functionality through blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. Our team can help you increase your revenue, reduce costs, add additional layers of security and develop a rock solid industry leading reputation.

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