Complete Flexibility

Kersai employs a multidisciplinary team with diverse skills, that enables us to work with companies from a broad range of industries.

Our team includes experienced entrepreneurs, decisive managers, technology experts, cryptocurrency traders, financial analysts, accountants, solicitors and talented programmers. We also work closely with passionate teachers, video animators, copywriters and blockchain specific entrepreneurs.

Put simply … we can help you harness the extraordinary power of blockchains to improve your security, reduce your costs and establish credibility and trust within your marketplace.

Personal Service

Our founders and management team will work directly with you on a 1-to-1 basis, to discuss aspects of blockchain technology including cryptocurrency, portfolio management advice, investment, trading, token discovery and due diligence.

We’re also capable of providing legal and financial regulatory guidance and we provide turkey, wholistic technology and marketing solutions for ICOs and fintech startups seeking funding.

We can also help you scale and solve problems using blockchain tech. Our data and technology experts provide guidance on data management and blockchain migration, and we can also build original solutions, redesign or completely re-engineer your existing technology to take advantage of blockchain specific benefits.

Our technology and support services extend to ICOs, small startups, entrepreneurs with big ideas and large corporate companies searching for outsourcing opportunities. We’re uniquely positioned to help you scale and achieve success and our focus is on blockchain technology and applications such as cryptocurrency.

Communicate Your Benefits

Our content creators can help you communicate your agenda and we can tailor blockchain related marketing packages specific to your needs. In many cases, we can also introduce you to our partners, clients and fellow influencers to extend your reach, enable you to scale and refine your operations.

Video producers, animators and world-class copywriters can help you establish a unique selling position and justify higher prices. Our social media marketers can help your message go viral, and we can monitor your reputation, improve your credibility and build trust across business networks.

If you have a domestic or international marketing budget, then our Pay Per Click and display marketing experts can promote your products and services across niches and into the inboxes of decision makers. With our help, your business can grow and become an industry leader with ties deep into the blockchain industry.

If you’re interested in blockchain technology, training or cryptocurrency trading and investment,
– then please contact us to discuss your needs.