Increase Your Revenue & Reduce Your Costs

Blockchain technology improves your security, reduces your legal fees and establishes complete trust in your business data.

Asitha Koralage

Co-Founder / Chief Executive Officer

Entrepreneur with 30+ years exp. as CEO and Director of listed companies in South East Asia. MBA holder, healthcare, finance, security and blockchain services expert.

Johnathan Paul Regan

Co-Founder / Director of Operations

20+ years developer, expert copywriter,
full system architect, professional marketer, blockchain specialist, digital token trader and co-founder of Kersai.

Products & Services

Database Technology Compared ...

Our team helps clients secure & migrate their centralized data onto private or publicly accessible blockchains. We provide full stack, smart contract coding, front & back-end systems, app development and much more ...

Kersai development solutions are custom tailored to each client, to take advantage of specific blockchain technology benefits. Our goal is simple - we aim to increase your revenue, and decrease your operating costs. We position your business as an industry leader, a custodian of data and a respected arbiter of truth.

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Blockchain Finance invests heavily in emerging blockchain technology, with a particular focus on digital currency, real estate data handling, ICOs, health care applications, digital token trading & portfolio management.

Our team consists of blockchain finance experts, software and hardware engineers, marketing and management professionals and additional support personnel. Partner with us to harness the extraordinary power of blockchain technology and in doing so, build trust and rock solid credibility into the very core fabric of your business.

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Industries that can benefit from blockchain technology are currently experiencing rapid and confusing change. Blockchain Finance helps clients adapt, understand and benefit from this new technology.

We also provide public education about blockchain technology, free online content, premium training courses and personal consultation. Our goal is to help you harness the power of the blockchain to improve your understanding and overall business revenue.

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Blockchain Finance boasts a multidisciplinary team with a truly diverse skillset. Our focus is on blockchain technology, but we also provide full consultation, marketing & strategic legal & financial guidance to startups and established companies.

Our goal is to help you become more successful, by helping you scale, identify and attract customers, communicate your agenda and train your staff and customers. Our services include multimedia video production, copywriting, creative design, blockchain specific consultation, ICO guidance and more ...

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Centralized Databases
(in-house data storage)
Cloud Computing
(3rd party online services)
Blockchain Ledgers
Internet & external reconciliation required Reconciliation & reliance on external 3rd parties required Consensus on stored data
No restrictions Time/Volume/Legal restrictions Append-only
Single point of failure Multiple points of failure Distributed
Single point of control Multiple points of control Decentralized
Unnecessary gateways Reliance on 3rd party middlemen Peer-to-peer

Member of ADCA , AUSTRAC & BA


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